All About MLM Lead Generation

MLM lead generation is a highly misinterpreted idea in the MLM business arena. The cause of this misunderstanding is the ‘old school’ yet, widely popular method of the lead generation taught by MLM sponsors: “The first thing you should do is make a list of everyone you have ever known including all relatives, acquaintances, and people that work with you.” After you’re finished making your ‘warm list’ of so-called ‘leads,’ you are told to call everyone up and drag them to a home gathering or local hotel meeting where the business opportunity is to be ‘hard sold’ to them. This widely used technique brings success to a whopping 1% of network marketers, mainly because people get tired of all the rejection or are simply too afraid to try. It’s my belief that this tactic explains the reason for the ninety-seven percent failure rate in the network marketing industry. For more information go to MLM lead generation.

The fact of the matter is this: Multi-Level Marketing is a business and must be run like one if you ever expect to find success. You wouldn’t open a restaurant and expect to just tell Aunt Loraine and Uncle Johnny about it and remain in business and become profitable, right? Network marketing is not at all different. You must apply the most important, yet most overlooked concept in network marketing…and that word is marketing.

So what is the best method to market your business? There are multiple online and offline marketing tactics. MLM lead generation without the internet includes fliers, drop cards, cold calling, the ‘3-foot rule,’ and mail-outs. Several people think that these techniques are obsolete in this day and age. And while, I believe that they DO work, they don’t work as well, as fast or as cost-effectively as online methods. The reason I say that is because, with the internet, you can reach a much larger group of people, in a much faster amount of time than you can try to ‘manually’ talk to everyone within 3 feet of you, or dial phone numbers one by one, only to be rejected 99% of the time. The cool thing about an online lead generation is that there are people on the Internet night and day that are looking for a home-based business. All you need to do is learn how to position your opportunity in front of the people who are looking for it, and they will join faster than you realize what happened.

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